Building upon its many achievements and successes over the past 30 years, Reignwood Group continues to expand its four core business lines introducing new products and services and unique brands that not only keep pace with international trends, but also align with the commitment, dedication and vision of Dr. Chanchai to make Reignwood Group the absolute leader in delivering high quality of life in all its business lines.
Red Bull, China
Red Bull Energy Drink, produced exclusively in China by the Reignwood Group, is a highly successful enterprise that has provided Reignwood with the resources and financial strength to develop rapidly into the multi-industry conglomerate it is today.
Reignwood Wine
Reignwood Wine, established as an international trading platform for the domestic Chinese luxury wine market, is a world-class promotion and sales platform including Reignwood Art & Wine Museum located at Reignwood Centre in Beijing.
Reignwood Healthcare
Reignwood Wellness Centre
Reignwood Wellness Centre provides customized 'one stop' health management services to Reignwood exclusive members based on a combination of the latest advancements in preventative medicine, anti-aging and physiotherapy.
Reignwood Hospitality
Reignwood Fairmont Hotel
The Fairmont Beijing Hotel is the first Fairmont Hotel in China, providing the same world-class hotel facilities and exceptional service that has made the Fairmont brand famous throughout the world.
Reignwood Properties
Reignwood Pine Valley Golf Club & Resort, Beijing
Reignwood Pine Valley, a full service resort located near the Great Wall, is one of China's top rated championship golf courses and first By-Invitation-Only private member golf club featuring 54 holes designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus.
Reignwood Centre, Beijing
Reignwood Centre is a 24 storey mixed-use complex located in Beijing’s CBD comprising prime office space, Fairmont Beijing Hotel, Reignwood Theatre, Reignwood Art Museum, Reignwood City Club and Reignwood Luxury Retail.
South Garden Residences, Beijing
Reignwood South Garden Residences, sited within the vast natural surroundings at the Reignwood Pine Valley, include 20 individual courtyards residences which combine the essence of eastern and western cultures and a fusion of traditional Chinese design sensibility.
10 Trinity Square, London
Situated in the heart of the City of London, 10 Trinity Square is an iconic Grade II* landmark building that is currently undergoing a meticulous restoration. Under the management of Reignwood Group, the historic 10 Trinity Square building will comprise elegant apartments and penthouses, a five-star hotel, private members club and a host of luxury amenities and services.
Hamilton Scotts, Singapore
Hamilton Scotts Residences, located on the prestigious Scotts Road, is the first residential development offering unique car lifts that allows each of the 54 residential units to display their luxury automobiles within their own living room.
Reignwood Low Carbon Real Estate Developments
Reignwood Dali Eco Resort Community, Yunnan Province
Reignwood Dali Eco Resort is a 28 km2 mixed-use eco resort development located on the east bank of the pristine Lake Erhai in the world heritage city of Dali in Yunnan Province and includes a unique PGA Golf Village and the Moon Lake Hotel & Resort.
Reignwood Jinguihu Low Carbon Demonstration Zone, Hubei Province
Jinguihu Low Carbon Demonstration Zone, totaling a land area of 25 km2, comprises several residential resort neighborhoods, two waterfront resorts and marinas, a retail town centre, wellness centre and signature Jack Nicklaus golf course.
Reignwood Premier Outlet, Beijing
Beijing Wonderland Luxury Brand Outlet Mall and Eco-Resort, located along the Beijing Badaling Highway leading to the Great Wall of China, is a large-scale retail entertainment & resort development comprising a land area of 2000 Mu (320 acres).
Reignwood Sports & Culture
Reignwood Media
Reignwood Media is an independent enterprise with core expertise in PR, web & print publishing and events management offering its services to third party companies, partners and affiliates of the Reignwood Group.
Reignwood Theatre
Reignwood Theatre, equipped with world-class stage facilities and a unique multi-scene conversion system, serves as a cultural platform for the most distinguished performing artists in the world.
Reignwood Art Exchange
Beijing Reignwood Artwork Equity Exchange offers an international art trading platform and auction house facilities and services for the appreciation and exchange of art, antiques and rare artifacts for discriminating buyers and art connoisseurs.
Beijing Culture Foundation
Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation, established with the purpose to “inherit, preserve and promote” China’s national cultural heritage, develops new educational programs and projects to support special public welfare and culture initiatives.
Reignwood Education International
Reignwood Education International (REI) provides sports education and training programs for Chinese youth as part of Reignwood Academy including Reignwood Summer Camp located at Pine Valley Golf Club & Resort in Beijing.
Reignwood Lifestyle
Reignwood Daye Design Consultancy Company
Reignwood Daye is an international design and construction management company providing full services including architectural design, interior design and decoration, project management, procurement and construction management.
Reignwood World Travel
Beijing Reignwood World Travel Services is a professional travel and hospitality agency covering air ticketing reservations & sales, hotel bookings, luxury car and limousines, and global concierge services.
Reignwood Star Aviation
Reignwood Star, the first “by-membership” private aircraft service and private airport provider, offers helicopter and business jet services for corporate and tourism clients, and Reignwood’s pioneering emergency management services.
Opus Offshore
Reignwood Group acquired a majority shareholding of Opus Offshore in 2011. The company is focused on the design, construction and operation of innovative offshore exploration and production drilling units. The first of these vessels are the Tiger Class Drill Ships.
Reignwood Yachts
Reignwood Yachts, representing the Sealine luxury yacht collection from the UK, offers luxury experiences in China and Asia in the world of yachting, sailing and marina lifestyle for Reignwood Pine Valley and Global Elite Club exclusive members.
Reignwood international Leasing Company
Reignwood International Leasing provides professional financial support and venture management for industrial and commercial enterprise development to improve the value chain and competitive advantage within each specialized industry.
Reignwood International Resources
RIR is an investment company that specializes in the development of Asian mineral resources with a special commitment to achieving an optimal balance between resources, suppliers, industrial customers and the environment.