Reignwood has evolved significantly since opening in China in 1996. From consumer products and modern services to international investments and multi-industry expansion, Reignwood Group has grown in parallel with China's development, China national policies and with domestic and global markets. This has assured a sustainable path forward and has provided a successful environment for Reignwood to diversify while planning a well designed global strategy to invest in growth industries and acquire assets in key markets as part of Reignwood Group's global investment portfolio.


  • Dr.Chanchai establishes Reignwood in Thailand with initial activities in trading and tourism.


  • Reignwood opens branch offices in Hong Kong and Beijing and begins initial investments in real estate.


  • Reignwood Group establishes the Huatong Travel Agency, the first JV travel company in China capturing 30% of the outbound Chinese tourism market.


  • Henan Reignwood Real Estate Company is established and construction on Henan Reignwood Building construction begins.


  • Huashang Trading Company Limited is established as the general agent for AST Computer in China.


  • Reignwood Group established Red Bull Vitamin Drink Company Limited in China.


  • Reignwood acquires exclusive rights to produce Red Bull in China and the Group's first factory in Hainan begins operations.


  • The Beijing headquarters of Redbull is completed and the company's first factory begins operations in Henan.
  • Reignwood Group develops Wonderland Amusement Park in partnership with the Beijing Municipal Administration of Tourism and China National Tourism Administration.


  • Reignwood International Building Co., Ltd. Is establish and Phase 1 construction begins.
  • Reignwood Group contributes to social welfare, donating a large sum of money to the flood-hit area along the Yangtze river.


  • Reignwood begins its investment in modern services.
  • Phase 1 Construction of Beijing Reignwood International Building is completed and the building opens.
  • Reignwood Group is selected as member of the China Foreign Corporate Association and Dr.Chanchai assumes position of Vice Chairman of the Association.


  • Reignwood Group works actively to support Beijing's bid for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games and organizes the sole non-governmental supporting team that visits Moscow.


  • Reignwood Pine Valley forms a strategic alliance with the American NBA.
  • Reignwood Golf Club is established, attracting many influential individuals and celebrities as members.


  • Volkswagen Masters Tournamets, the first international golf tournament in North china is held at Reignwood Pine Valley.


  • Reignwood Pine Valley is selected to hold the Jonnie Walker Classic golf tournament.
  • Reignwood Pine Valley course is cited as the most popular course in Asia, and Dr.Chanchai is elected to be the first Chairman of the Asia Golf Course Owner's Association.
  • Former U.S President Bill Clinton and over 20 world celebrities participate in the Charity Golf Match at Reignwood Pine Valley.


  • Red Bull's third production facility in China begins operations in Xianning, Hubei.


  • Reignwood Centre opens in Beijing.
  • Reignwood begins to cooperate with Fairmont Raffles Hotel Group to develop the Reignwood Fairmont Hotel in Beijing.
  • First Beijing Golf Tournament is held and hosted by Reignwood Pine Valley.
  • Jack Nicklaus, the "King of Golf," visits Reignwood Pine Valley.


  • Reignwood Pine Valley successfully wins the naming rights for the sport of polo in the Beijing Olympics.
  • Reignwood begins investing in the culture industry and established Reignwood Theatre in Beijing.
  • The 'Global Top 10 Golf Championship' is successfully held at Pine Valley.
  • Handover ceremony of the Bombardier Global 5000 Jet is held at the Beijing Capital Airport making Reignwood marking the first use of corporate jets in Mainland China.


  • Maestro Plácido Domingo, the King of Opera, is invited to become the artistic advisor of Reignwood Theatre and Asia Young Artistic Training Centre and performs his debut at Reignwood Theatre.
  • Reignwood Investment (China) Company Limited is established.
  • Huijia Reignwood China Junior Golf Challenge' is held at Reignwood Pine Valley Nicklaus Golf Course.
  • The China Olympic Golf Development Fund is established by Reignwood Group with an initial fund of 100 million RMB to promote youth golf development in China.


  • Reignwood Dali Low-Carbon Forum and Concert 'Take Action Against Drought Damages & Relieving Disaster' is held in Dali, Yunan Province.
  • Reignwood and legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus establish Reignwood-Nicklaus Golf Academy at Pine Valley.
  • Chinese Artists Symposium' is held at Reignwood Centre, Beijing.
  • The world famous opera 'Rigoletto' is held at Reignwood Theatre, starring Plácido Domingo and conducted by Eugene Kohn.
  • Reignwood Group acquires the Ten Trinity Square, a heritage property located in the City of London, representing a milestone in Chinese enterprises' overseas acquisition.


  • Reignwood Group signs with Yani Zeng 'Miss World Golf' for training Chinese junior golf players.
  • Reignwood Group sponsors 2011 Beijing International Equestrian Masters Competition held at the 'Bird's Nest' Beijing's National Olympic Stadium.
  • Reignwood sponsors '2011 Miss Universe China Reignwood Pageant.'
  • 2011 'Reignwood China Junior Golf Challenge' is held at Reignwood Pine Valley.
  • 'A Peaceful Sky' world concert featuring Maestro Plácido Domingo and the Chinese Three Tenors is held at Reignwood Pine Valley to celebrate the 30th International Day of Peace.


  • The'Modern Agriculture, Green Future'3rd Hubei Xianning Low Carbon Economic Forum is co-hosted by Reignwood Group and Xianning City Council, and the Reignwood Jin Gui Hu Low-carbon Demonstration District project is inaugurated.
  • Reignwood Group cooperates with Director Chen Shizheng to remake the classic Peking Opera 'Farewell to My Concubine.'
  • Reignwood Art Museum is established.
  • Thai delegation visits Reignwood Centre and plants a 'China-Thailand Friendship Tree' at Reignwood Pine Valley.
  • 'Beijing 2012 International Equestrian Masters Competition' is sponsored by Reignwood and held at the 'Bird's Nest' Beijing's National Olympic Stadium.
  • 'Plácido Domingo's Opera, the World Opera Competition Beijing 2012 Finalists' is held at Reighwood Theatre.
  • 'Reignwood Chinese Culture Exchange Centre' is established at Ten Trinity Square, London.


  • Reignwood Theatre hosts a gala event and live broadcast of 'The Vienna New Years' Concert.'
  • Reignwood Centre continues to host many influential individuals from around the world including London's Mayor Boris Johnson, U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke and British soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria.
  • Reignwood Group's chairman Dr. Chanchai, attends The National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of PRC as part of a delegation representing Chinese overseas entrepreneurs.
  • World famous soprano Sarah Brightman performs a special concert at Reignwood Theatre and signs as spokesperson for Reignwood's 10 Ten Trinity Square, London project.
  • Reignwood International Leasing Co. Ltd. signs cooperation agreement with China Development Bank.
  • Reignwood Group signs cooperation agreement with Welde Group of Germany.
  • Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) first golf tournament in China is held at Reignwood Pine Valley.
  • Reignwood produces 'East Meets West' concert held at Reignwood Theatre combining European with Peking Opera and starring Plácido Domingo.
  • Reignwood Group invests in renewable energy and signs agreement with US company Lockheed Martin for the development of Ocean Thermal Energy (OTEC).
  • Reignwood Group opens the Reignwood Lockheed Martin Innovation Technology Center (ITC) to promote renewable energy and environmental technology solutions for China and Asia markets.
  • Reignwood adds Hamilton Scotts, Singapore to its list of luxury residential properties.


  • Vienna 2014 New Year's Concert was broadcasted live at Reignwood Theatre.
  • Reignwood Miyun Airport was awarded China's First Demonstration Base for Low-altitude Travel by the National Tourist Office.
  • Reignwood Group signed an agreement with America's Resort Group to buy its shares of Princeville Resort in Kauai, Hawaii.
  • Dr. Chanchai, Chairman of Reignwood Group was invited to attend the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2014.
  • Reignwood Group celebrated its 30th anniversary.
  • Reignwood Group entered a partnership agreement with Four Seasons Hotels.
  • Reignwood Group and Vita Coco, an American coco water brand, held a press conference in Beijing to announce the official launch of this trendy healthy drink in China.
  • Reignwood Group held the Zhengzhou Reignwood Carnival Aviation Exhibition in partnership with the local government.
  • Reignwood Group signed an agreement with London's Caprice Group to acquire the Wentworth Club.
  • 2014 Reignwood LPGA Classic was held at Reignwood Pine Valley.
  • Reignwood South Garden Residences Wang Fu Hotel opened.
  • A ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of OPUS TIGER1, China's first deep water drilling ship with independently owned intellectual property rights, which was built with investment from Reignwood Group.
  • When East Meets West—APEC Night (Beijing) Domingo Concert was held.
  • U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce visited Reignwood during APEC.
  • Reignwood Group established new headquarters in Hong Kong.


  • Reignwood FMCG Group was established.
  • Reignwood Star established an emergency management and rescue system covering Beijing and its surrounding areas in partnership with Beijing Emergency Rescue Centre with a maiden flight to China World Trade Center Tower III, the tallest building in Beijing.
  • Capri-Sun was officially launched in China.
  • Reignwood Group established strategic partnership with the London Symphony Orchestra and Dr. Chanchai was received by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Teachers and students from the Sidwell Friends School visited Reignwood Group.
  • Reignwood Group signed an agreement with Canada's Viking to become the exclusive representative for Viking Series 400 Twin Otter in China and to build a factory for customer completion and customization in-country of aircrafts manufactured at Viking's Canadian factories.
  • A welcome dinner for Boao Forum for Asia Financial Cooperation Conference was given at London's 10 Trinity Square.
  • Reignwood Group and Deutsche Bank signed a partnership agreement.
  • Reignwood Group and SINOPEC Engineering (Group)signed a memo for joint development of a coal chemical industry park in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
  • Reignwood Group and Bank of China (Hong Kong) signed a strategic partnership agreement in Hong Kong.
  • Reignwood Group and America's Semprius signed a letter of intent to cooperate on HCPV project.
  • The Concert to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Chinese People's Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War was held at the Barbican Arts Centre and Dr. Chanchai, Chairman of Reignwood Group met with Vice Premier Liu Yandong.
  • The signing ceremony of the investment and cooperation agreement between Reignwood Group and Shiyan City for a lifestyle project was held in Wuhan.
  • Reignwood Theatre hosted a cultural event to commemorate Qiu Shengrong's 100th Birthday.
  • Future Star Reignwood Junior Golf Academy Opening Ceremony was held at Reignwood Pine Valley.
  • Reignwood Culture Foundation gave full support to the Schwarzman College initiated by Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman of the Blackstone Group.
  • Reignwood Culture Foundation assisted in establishing Bing-ren Calligraphy Development Fund.
  • Reignwood Group launched an exclusive flight route from Beijing to Chongli to facilitate the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and Zhangjiakou.
  • Reignwood's Wentworth Golf Club in London hosted BMW PGA Golf Championship.


  • Reignwood Group signed the Securities Investment Agreement with Voss of Norway ASA, the top bottled water producer in January 2016.