Unveiling Ceremony of Beijing’s First Bonded Wine Warehouse
May 30, 2016

The Jurade de Saint-Émilion Opens Its Headquarters in China

Beijing- May 28, The Reignwood Pine Valley Public Bonded Warehouse will be officially opened with the approval from the Customs for the storage of merchandise including wine, expensive works of art and jewelry. It is the only one of its kind for wine storage in Beijing. On the same day,theChinese headquarters of the Jurade de Saint-Émilion, as well as other organizations, will set up offices at Reignwood Pine Valley.

Located in the White House Hotel, a grand buildingwith Western architecture at Reignwood Pine Valley, this bonded warehousefeatures a full range of facilitates including the most technologically advanced equipment used to maintain constant temperature and humidity levels,which are in accordance with Chinese national standards for the long-term storage of wine, as well as plenty of storage space specifically designed by a professional team. In addition to the security teams at Reignwood Pine Valley, there are high-tech cameras installed inside and outside the bonded warehouse to guarantee the safety of the merchandise.

A professional team at Reignwood Pine Valley operates the Reignwood Pine Valley Public Bonded Warehouse. By leveraging this unique cultural and business platform provided byReignwood Group, they can host various events to appreciate fine wine and works of art, as well as exhibitions and high-profile exchange activities every year.

At the unveiling ceremony, the Jurade de Saint-Émilion, an organization founded nearly 1000 years ago, which is responsible for promoting wine culture in Saint-Émilion, France, will announce the Reignwood Pine Valley Public Bonded Warehouse as its only wine storage center in China. Members of the Jurade from all over the world were already present when the bonded warehouse was built.

Reignwood Group has been committed to promoting intercultural dialogue and exchange between East and West, which aligns with the motto of its cultural campaign -"East Meets West". According to Reignwood Group, the Bonded Warehouse will definitely bring more exchange and business opportunities in culture and art between China and the rest of the world.

Source: Reignwood