Reignwood welcomes Boao Forum delegation to London for the first time
November 8, 2015

8 November, 2015, London – Reignwood Group ("Reignwood") hosted the welcome dinner for delegates attending the Boao Forum for Asia ("BFA") in London at the historic Ten Trinity Square, a new hotel and residential destination in the city's financial centre known as the Square Mile, on Sunday 8 November 2015.

Reignwood is the diamond sponsor of the BFA, which is being held in London for the first time from 8-11 November 2015. It is the first international forum on financial cooperation between Asia and Europe following President Xi's historic state visit to the United Kingdom in October, during which China and the UK expressed interest in cooperation in a broad range of areas and reached consensus on joint efforts. In the financial sector, breakthroughs have been achieved in the connectivity of the two markets, which is an inspiring example for the BFA to be held in London.

The theme for this year's prestigious event is "Asia-Europe Cooperation: A new blueprint for financial interconnection".More than 300 government leaders, business elites and academic experts from 22 Asian and European countries will meet at the forum to discuss world issues and share their visions for promoting economic integration. The conference will be addressed by prominent political leaders, including SusiloBambangYudhoyono, former President of Indonesia, Shaukat Aziz, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, ZengPeiyan, former Vice Premier of China, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister of France and Peter Mandelson, former First Secretary of State of the UK.

Addressing a packed room of high profile delegates on the eve of the conference, Secretary General Zhou Wenzhong of the BoaoForym said: ''For economies outside Asia, the Boao Forum provides both a window and platform to tap into the great potential of this dynamic region. Here, you could easily bump into an Asian minister or business tycoon or even the president or prime minister and get your concerns or interests heard attentively. Informal setting and candor, known as the Boao Style, adds to the value and appeal of BFA.''

Dr. ChanchaiRuayrungruang, Chairman of Reignwood Group, spoke about the importance of the relationship between China and the United Kingdom. "China is the world's largest developing country, and the UK is the world first industrialised country. President Xi's visit to the UK bridged the gap between the East and the West, and enhanced the mutual trust between China and the UK, Asia and Europe, and heralded a new golden era for the relationship. Financial cooperation between the UK and China is about establishing new practices of international relations with a mutually beneficial cooperation at its core. This Boao Forum comes at a pivotal moment for relations between the East and the West and has been quick to recognize the importance of bringing Europe and Asia closer.

Lord Mandelson, former First Secretary of State of the UK also addressed delegates later in the evening saying: ''We have just presided over the most successful State visit to Britain that I can remember in my adult life…to welcome the Boao Forum here to London is very special for us and to be hosting this financial cooperation conference is a big opportunity. I hope very much that our golden era extends a long long way beyond what lies ahead.''

As an important enabler for economic integration in Asia, financial cooperation has always been prioritized on the BFA's agenda. As a continuation of the financial cooperation conferences in Paris, Mumbai and Dubai, the conference in London is expected to scale up the successful Sino-British cooperation in finance and lay out a new vision for financial connectivity between Asia and Europe.

Reignwood has assets in both the Eastern and Western worlds and is forging stronger business links between China and the UK by investing in a number of British businesses and assets, including the prestigious Wentworth Club and the iconic London landmark Ten Trinity Square. Formerly the headquarters of the Port of London Authority and reception venue for the inaugural meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1946, Ten Trinity Square will formally reopen in 2016 and provide a selection of private residences, restaurants, a Four Seasons Hotel and a new meeting space that aims to bring business leaders from the East and West together.

Source: Reignwood Media