Reignwood Aviation Group was awarded to be China’s First Demonstration Base for Low-altitude Travel
February 28, 2014

The National Tourist Office awarded the plaque to Reigwood Group to mark the official opening of its Demonstration Base for Low-altitude Travel, the first of its kind in China. A milestone in the history of China's Low-altitude Travel industry has been reached. According to the strategic planning, this Demonstration Base's business will be substantially extended to more than 150 5A scenic spots nationwide, which means that everyone in the near future will be able to realize their dreams of flying in the sky and overlooking beautiful landscapes in an helicopter. At the ceremony the officials from the National Tourist Office, Air Traffic Control department and Miyun government expressed their high expectations for the development of the demonstration base. In 2013 the government issued new policies in favor of general aviation development and accelerated its reform process to an unprecedented extent. As one of China's emerging strategic industries, aviation-based tourism is showing an unprecedented market potential.

Reignwood Aviation Group, is a subsidiary of Reignwood Group, a successful multi-industrial international conglomerate with strong financial roots. It has developed a full-range of general aviation services in four main sectors including Aviation Operations, Airport Investment, Real Estate and Aviation Finance, by leveraging the rapid development of China's general aviation market to become the leader in this area. Reignwood Aviation has currently 21 aircrafts including jets, helicopters, and seaplanes and by the end of 2014 the number will increase to more than 30 aircrafts. In 2018 Reignwood Group will receive an order of 500 helicopters from Bell.

Source: Reignwood