Paper Backpack Sets New Fashion Trends. Reignwood Group Widely Liked for Its Green & Sustainable Philosophy
January 11, 2016

An environmental, trendy paper backpack product has been widely promoted by Reignwood Group, a company dedicated to Leading Quality of Life, setting a green trend in fashion at the beginning of 2016.

This paper backpack is custom-made for Reignwood Group by Lifeix Design. Its special paper material is very functional and truly environmentally friendly for it produces only water and carbon dioxide and no other waste when completely burnt. This stylish sporty backpack is easy to use and quite light, less than 500 grams in weight, but can hold 15KG of stuff. The environmental coating on the surface of the paper material, which is highly durable and tear-resistant, can withstand rain droplets and splashes of water. In addition the more folds on the surface after long time use, the better the material can reflect light.

Promoting this environmental backpack on the Moments and among Chinese consumers is another one of Reiwood's many green and sustainable development initiatives. Reignwood Group has always been committed to environmental protection with the objectives to improve resource and energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, provide top environmental technologies and promote the sustainable development of economy and society.

Based on the success of Reignwood Pine Valley, a pioneering eco-resort built in the wasteland at Nankou Village of Beijing Changping District, Reignwood Group has explored an approach to sustainable economic development in harmony with nature and established wellness industrial parks in many provinces throughout the country; Reignwood Group has also heavily invested in strategic growth industries of environmental protection and partnered with America's Lockheed Martin, Canada's WILD Group and other international brands and companies for initiatives including clean, renewable energy development, contaminated soil management and petrochemical waste disposal. In the future Reignwood Group will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities by creating new economic growth point in the green energy industry. Over three decades, Reignwood Group has won many awards and honors including Most Responsible Brand Award and Top Sponsor of Charity Initiatives for its constant efforts and outstanding contributions in ecology, energy and environmental protection.

Source: Reignwood Media